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It was with great dismay that we learned that the Harvard Extension School’s Cultural Studies Club is hosting a “Black Mass re-enactment” in the basement of Memorial Hall on Monday, May 12th. While the Cultural Studies Club dubiously claims that the purpose of re-enactment is purely “educational,” this does not change the fact that the Black Mass in fact mocks religious beliefs, desecrates sacred items and symbols, and insults the spiritual sensitivities of Harvard’s Catholics, Christians, and other people of faith. This form of satanic worship not only ridicules the central practice of Catholicism, the Mass, but it also mocks and offends all who have faith in Christ. Far from being an event that promotes an understanding of “cultural practices,” it in fact promotes contempt for the Catholic faith and religion generally. We are Catholics, other Christians, and supporters of genuine tolerance and civility, and we are offended and outraged this event has been permitted to take place at Harvard. The University must not condone such hateful practices that compromise its commitment to diversity and tolerance. Moreover, we who are members of the Harvard community fear for the University’s reputation and for what Harvard’s stamp of approval will do to the University’s relationship with its alumni, students, faculty, and the global community it aims to serve. We demand that President Faust and the Harvard administration speak out against this event, and do all in their power to disband it.


Please sign the petition here and share the link to this petition with others:

Please also sign the following two petitions:

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